Friday, September 16, 2016

Buliding an Ork dakka list for ITC

I had not realized that ITC now allows taking two CaDs.  I don't know when that changed, but it allows me try and build a dakka-heavy list.

The biggest roadblock was the fact that both lootas and mek guns are heavy support. Being able to run two cads gives me both ObSec and 6 heavy slots - which is exactly what I need.

I did have to fill out 4 troop slots, so I wanted both hitting power and speed. Mixing up large mobs with Trukk boys was the way to go.

The obvious way to protect the firebase is a Void Shield Generator, especially since ITC is still not using the draft faq's.

Lastly, only bringing 54 boys means I don't have a lot of models. So I decided to back up the boys with some summoned deamons!  Thus two wierdboys.

And finally, the list:

HQ: Warboss: pk, bosspole, 'eavy armor, lucky stikk
HQ: Painboy

Troop: 30 'ard slugga boyz, Nob w/PK&BP
Troop: 10 grots

Heavy: 10 lootas
Heavy: 10 lootas
Heavy: 10 lootas

Fortification: VSG, 2 extra shields, 1 barricade section.

HQ: Wierdboy, level 2
HQ: Wierdboy, level 2

Troop: 12 'ard slugga boys, Nob w/PK&BP, Trukk w/ram
Troop: 12 'ard slugga boys, Nob w/PK&BP, Trukk w/ram

Heavy: 5 Mek Gunz, lobba, 5 ammo runts
Heavy: 2 Mek Gunz, kannon, 2 ammo runts
Heavy: 3 Mek Gunz, KMK, 3 ammo runts

I don't have a lot of stuff to summon, only 10 pink horrors and 19 deamonettes, but that's enough to provide very good support and take pressure off the boyz.

This gives me a strong balance of assaulty, shooty and survivability. I probably can't deal with 4 gattling cannons but I'll give it a try!

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