Monday, September 26, 2016

First game of Frostgrave!

I was so excited to play that I didn't remember to take even pictures, much less a video. 

It was a pretty dense terrain board, with big buildings in the middle.

I did a split deployment with Kristianna and the archers on one side and Seoni and everyone else on the other. I got first turn.

First thing was to cast +2 fight on my Barbarian in a group activation. My thief moved up next to the first treasure token.  The apprentice cast Wizard's eye on the other side of the table.

I was playing against a witch that summoned up some companions and potions before the game. he also brought treasure closer with telekinesis.

Second turn I put speed on the barbarian, and tried a mind control through the wizard's eye with no luck.

He grabbed a couple treasures, and some wolves appeared near my archers.

Third turn was bad, with my uber barbarian downed with a single poison dart. Despite being Fight +11 with cover, he rolled a 19(+5) to my 22 and the roll was just enough to one-shot him! I was sad.

My thief made off with a treasure and the archers attempted to shoot the new monsters. 

The game went on with me trying to glow, bow and mind control. He killed Kragmar with another poison dart. Even killed one of his own soldiers that was under mind control.

The end was 4 treasures to 2 his favor.  I ended up with 160xp, a Staff +1 fight for my wizard and a staff of casting I sold for 300 gold.  The barbarian is fine, but the thug will need to sit out next game.  For my level bonus I took a bonus to cast mind control.

However I have more then enough gold to fill out my warband. I'm thinking a man-at-arms or a knight..not sure yet.

I didn't really have much strategy coming into the game but now I definitely have a plan going forward.  The goal will be to cast wizard's eyes on the other side of the board and then hide the casters in the back, while my soldiers move up (hopefully) with fight and speed buffs.  My main offensive spell is easily mind control and with line-of-sight coming from the wizard's eyes I think I will be happy with the plan.

So now I need more models to finish off the warband, something for the wizard's eyes and treasure tokens. I will also at least have pictures next time!

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