Monday, August 8, 2016

Moving on from Blood Angels...

The latest Blood Angels codex is lackluster - at best.  It lacks any of the "good" units or weapons (aka Grav Cannons) from the Space Marine book and nothing unique that's also good like Ravenwing or Thunderwolves.   At best it's there to lend FNP to another Imperial unit.

But losing Assault marines as troops was just too much for me.  That is the ENTIRE reason I started BA in the first place..a completely different play style to other Marine armies. That's gone too. So you have an army that's an assault army but isn't any good in assault. 

Since there is little chance of another book anytime soon, I've moved on from Blood Angels.  Not to the point of selling it off entirely, but just to the point of playing them as red Iron Hands or red Ultramarines or similar.  so that means ditching the MSU Assault squads and BA-specific units such as my Baal Preds. Except my Death Company. I'm keeping those.  I did sell off some things already: my DC Rhino, a couple of MSU assault squads and an attack bike.  I'm also converting another MSU squad into Devastators.

Just finished, first step to the new list.

So in that vein I plan on building an Iron Hands Fist of Medusa Strike Force using most of the models I currently have.

I have decided to try this over more Wulfen and Thunderwolves, but the later isn't ruled out completely. 

This is the list I'm building:

Fist of Medusa Strike Force

Core: Battle Demi-Company
Captain: Bike, Artificer armor, Gorgon's Chain, Power fist
Command Squad: Bikes, 4x Storm Shields, Apothecary, 3 power weapons, Thunderhammer
Tactical Squadx5: Melta, Combi-Melta, Drop Pod
Tactical Squadx5: Melta, Combi-Melta, Drop Pod
Tactical Squadx5: Grav Cannon, Rhino
Devastator Squad: 2x Grav Cannon
Bike Squad x4: 2x Grav gun, combi-grav

Command: Librarius Conclave
3x Level 2 Librarian, bikes, 1 with Mindforge Stave

Aux: Raptor Wing
2x Storm Talons, TL Lascannon
Land Speeder, MM, Typhoon Missile

That's a bit short of 1850 so I have some wiggle room. 

Modeling isn't that hard at this point. As I said I'm converting an old Assault Squad to the Grav cannon devs after buying a devastator box, I have 3 of the bikes I need and I have a storm talon on the way from an Amazon gift card bonus at work.  Plus the BA upgrade frame makes for good bits as well.

I still have a lot to get: the command squad bikes, the grav tactical squad and the 2nd storm talon. But it's not an informidable amount of models either.

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