Thursday, August 18, 2016

Hobby update, working on my Iron Angels (Blood Angels as Iron hands)

Iron Angels? Sure why not!  Also reminds me of my favorite stupid 80's movie, Iron Eagle lol

anyway I'm having a bit of fun building these guys, going through the bits and making them all BA.

The Tactical squad especially came out great, and recycling backpacks from the Assault Squad turned Dev squad will help.

For painting I decided to start on the Captain.  He's coming along slowly - there is no hurry to get him done so just going along and enjoying it.

Tonight, we dine in hell!

For some reason I really like the tactical sergeant.  The nipple armor and pointing reminds me of 300 lol

I also have the Stormtalon in sub-assemblies, magnetized and primed.

That's the update, having fun in the hobby is what it's all about and right now I'm very much enjoying the pace and models I'm working on.

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