Friday, September 18, 2015

The KX139 is here..and look out the Tau are coming for your candy.

Forgeworld officially released the KX139 Ta'unar-Supremacy-Armour.

And it's pure beatdown.

The rules are free to download so I'm free to talk about them.

First, it's a gargantuan creature not a super-heavy walker.  Even though it is T9 with 10 wounds, that is actually a bad thing, as it makes it very vulnerable to Grav weapons. A single unit of Centurions could kill it in a single volley.  That's the only thing keeping it from being completely over the top.  Even at that it still has 4++ and FNP so even grav can be mitigated..

But if you don't have a unit or two of Grav Centurions, it will completely wreck your day.

First, the primary weapon has 2 fire modes.  First shot is a 7" D-weapon blast.  7 inch. blast. d-weapon...
The 2nd mode is Apoc Barrage 3, S8 AP3 ignores cover.  Pretty good against almost everything..

The arm guns have 2 choices. The first, has ..again 2 fire modes.
Either 6 shots at S7 AP3..Each.  or 3 shots at S9 AP2..each.

The other weapon option is a 5-shot Multi-melta...each.

And of course being a GC means it can fire them all at different targets.

And it's actually WS3 not 2..a huge bonus in CC.

To top it all off it's got 2 TL burst cannons and 2 SMS's which it can fire on BS2 none the less.

At 600points it's a huge investment in a 40k game..but worth it.  Add in the other new Tau units that have been spotted in the wild and a new codex and you have Tau once again coming to take your candy and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it.

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