Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Blood Angels "fun" list.

You don't see too much pure Blood Angels around, pretty much because most of the book is really underwhelming.  Once you add in some allies they can be a great addition but pure BA is tough.

Since I'm playing in a more "casual" league (that my shooty ork list just dominated) I figured going pure BA would be the way to go.  Mid-tier, not too powerful not too weak.

One of my favorite models I've ever done for my BA is my Captain with dual lightning claws.  So I started with that because he's awesome.

HQ: Captain: The Angel's Wings, 2 LC, artificer armor
HQ: Sanguinary Priest: jump pack, bolt pistol, meltabombs

Troops: 10 Tactical Marines: Melta, combi-melta, heavy flamer, drop pod
Troops: 10 Tactical Marines: Plasma, combi-plasma, lascannon, Las-Plas Razorback

Elites: 10 Death Company: bolters, drop pod
Elites: 10 Sternguard: heavy flamer, 3x combi-plasma, 3x combi-melta, drop pod

Fast: 4 Bikes: combi-grav, 2x grav gun, Attack bikes with MM
Fast: 10 Assault Marines: 2x melta, Vet Sgt, power fist
Fast: 5 Assault Marines, melta, Rhino

LoW: Dante

Lots of power armor, lots of drop pod action and one assault unit. It's fun, sorta aggressive, and damn pretty if I don't say so myself.

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