Monday, September 28, 2015

Chaos Rhino partial scratch build #1

This is how you define "more time then money".

I've been wanting a Chaos Rhino to go along with the DV marines I just finished, but I'm saving all I can right now because I'm going to lose some work due to surgery next month.

Anyway I remembered I had the rhino sides and tracks in my bits box. Don't remember where I got them though lol.

Since I'm doing a Nurgle Rhino anyway, and it's going to get some bits and GS work, and I had some plastic sheets already, I figured I could just build the missing top and bottom.

After a 2nd day of work the basic Rhino shape is done, and I've started to "Chaos-ify" it.  Using bits left over from a few sprues that were given to me, I was able to make good progress.

So in a couple days I'll get to some GS work.  we'll see how it goes.

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