Saturday, June 13, 2015

Showcase: Blood Angels Sanguinary Priest on Bike

After finishing up the Thunderwolf cav, I started working on the Priest.  Mid way through painting I brought home one of the new BA upgrade sprues and swapped out the head and shoulder pad. I really like the parts on the upgrade frame.

So now I have my mounted priest to go along with Dante, a Thunderwolf lord and Thunderwolf cavalry. I do need another box of Thunderwolves and a Space Wolf Flyer.

Next project is re-basing the Space Wolves. Built 11 bases tonight, for the Rune Priest and the Grey Hunters. I might re-base Dante as well.

If someone puts out decent and affordable 32mm lava bases, then I'll consider redoing the rest of the Blood Angles. But I'm not rebuilding all of the bases - I put a lot of work into them.

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