Sunday, June 7, 2015

Another 1850 tournament list.

I went 3-2 at the Guardian Cup and placed 17th.  Missed out on best Ork though, which made me sad. But there were 4 Ork players, which isn't bad.

Anyway today I had another 3-round 1850 tournament using the ITC rules but not the ITC missions.  It used a modified maelstrom format.

I went 2-1 and took 3rd.  Pretty happy with the results and had a lot of fun.

This was my list:

Ork Horde detachment (primary)
HQ: Zhadsnark
HQ: Painboy, bike
HQ: Painboy

Troop: 15 warbikes, nob w/pk&bp
Troop: 13 warbikes, nob w/pk&bp
Troop: 3 warbikes

Combined Arms Detachment:
HQ: Warboss, bike, pk, lucky stick
HQ: Painboy, Bike

Troop: 30 slugga boys, 'eavy armor, nob w/pk&bp
Troop: 11 grots

Allied Detachment:
HQ: Chaos Lord, bike, pk, sigil, nurgle

Troop: 10 cultists

Fast: 4 Spawn, Nurgle

First, I have to say the CSM detachment continues to do very well. 

Second, the boys mob does not seem to do much. They didn't do anything in last week's league game, and didn't do anything today either. In fact, in the 2nd round (a win) I completely forgot to deploy the unit at all!!  Short answer: I need more bikes!!

And last, adding in the 2nd warboss to Zhadsnark's unit really makes a huge difference. Having another model to take challenges, and just the damage output from a S10 power fist backed up by the lucky stick is hard to deny.

I hope to be typing up some battle reports over the next few days.  

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