Saturday, September 27, 2014

Studio Update and 200,000 views!

I just noticed the other day I went over 200,000 views on this blog.  Wow. Thank you everyone for reading and being interested in my hobby.  I went into the archive and the post that was 100,000 views was in July 2013. 4 years for the first 100,000 yet only 15 months for the second. I hope to get the next 100,000 in less then a  year.

Last few days since I finished Khan I have not had any major projects, so I grabbed some minor stuff to do. I finished building and assembling my Farsight model. I bought it when the new Tau book first came out..that's how long it's been sitting.

I have also been playing with my Trukk boys unit and tankbustas, only to realize the models needed some work. They were both done in just a base coat and wash. I've gone through, fixed the chips on the metal models, added layers to the skin, fixed up teeth and other details, added a unique base rim color to both units and finally given them a proper varnish.  Much improved for not a lot of work.

Since this unit of boys is a dedicated Trukk unit, I will probably paint up one of the trukks specifically to go with them.  Might also mean I'll actually paint one of the trukks...

Also today is my 6th year anniversary on Youtube.

This has been one hell of an awesome week for me. 

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