Sunday, September 7, 2014

Showcase: Ork Painboy

I had some delays while making some decisions on certain parts of the model, but it's all done now.  I really like how it turned out, including adding some Blood for the Blood God.

The tubes and vials were the hold up, but I finally decided on  various washes and glazes for the color, and adding bubbles in them not unlike the stock paint job. It actually ads quite a bit of interest, especially with the color variations I got with the method I used.

The only part of the model I didn't like was the Grot Orderly.  The mouth is just really funny and not sculpted well.  One thing for sure, the swiss-army hand has really grown on me. It's not so bad when you have the model in front of you.

Anyway, pic!

I know I've really put off the Bloodthirster, but this was more important. I also have another commission piece coming up next week, which will eat into my time. I also have plans forming for my Freebootaz Toys for Tots donation this year..

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