Tuesday, September 30, 2014

On the bench: Trukk work in progress

I finished the Tank Bustas and Trukk boys so I grabbed one of the Trukks.  I am going to be using the same basic colors for the Trukk as I used on the boys that will ride in it: Hormagaunt purple, dark brown and codex grey. 

I am going to be using some hairspray chipping, but not a lot. 

I also remembered I have one more Gorkamorka-style warbike in my bits. I never built it since the old squad size was 12, and now they are 15. I will be tying to get 2 more of them, plus 10 more of the metal 3rd-edition metal stormboyz to match my current models.

I'm also trying to work up a new list to include bikers for next month, maybe even battlewagons. I've got a firm grip on the horde, now I want to mix it up some and try out some speed.

That's it for now!

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