Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Throwing away the Nob Biker crutch

I've been playing nob bikers since 6th came out. They are really freaking awesome lol. 

I've run them very aggressively, and they usually die by turn 4. My opponent has to deal with them, as they will knock out almost every unit in the game.

I've decided to try something a bit different, more of a horde style. I've added 30 more slugga boys (because that's what I have).  I'll be swapping out different units to see what happens. I want to try some reserve stuff (deffkopters), and some wierdboy stuff.

In two games I've played I find mobility an issue.   I never worried about it too much in 5th but it seems more of an issue in 6th. 

At 2k I want to try out adding a 2nd force org for a wierdboy, maybe a SAG or 2nd KFF mek.  The idea of getting that 'ere we go! and suddenly dropping 30 shootas all up in my opponent's stuff sounds fun.

I'll give this list a go for a few games, see what happens:

HQ: Mek, KFF, bosspole
HQ: Warboss, PK, squig, cybork, bike, bosspole

Troop: 30 Sluggas, nob w/pk&bp
Troop: 30 shootas, 3x big shootas, nb w/pk&bp
Troop: 30 shootas, 3x big shootas, nb w/pk&bp

Elite: 10 Lootas
Elite: 10 Lootas
Elite: 10 Lootas 

Fast: Dakkajet, extra guns, fighter ace (proxied by a Barracuda)

Heavy: 3 lobbas, 1x extra crew, 3x ammo runts
Heavy: 2 Kannon, 3x ammo runts

Fortification: Aegis

HQ: Sash'o: TL missile pod, blacksun

Troop: 6 Firewarriors

Heavy: 2x Broadsides, A.S.S., team leader with hw-blacksun

2000pts exactly

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