Sunday, September 9, 2012

Aegis Defense Line completed!

Turned out to be more work then I thought.  The stippling was very annoying, but looks good :)

Base color is my old favorite, Vallejo Model Air black metallic.  I then went through and stippled Vallejo Model Air rust, GW Vermin Brown and lastly Blazing Orange over every single piece. Was extremely tedious.

I then painted the details. The "lights" (that's what they look like to me anyway)  are Ianyden Darksun, then the control boxes and wires were picked out. The green button is like the on switch for the lights. 

After that the whole thing was washed with Nuin Oil, then a very light drybrush of Chainmail to bring out the very edges and not make it quite so dark.

After a spray of Dul-Cote, I put on the ocher ground color pigment and a little black around the blast holes.

All ready to keep the lootas nice and safe!

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