Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What a weekend!

As a last hurrah of wargamming before holidays and family really kick in, I got to play in two tournaments this weekend.  That's 7 games of warhammer!

First was a 1500pt 40k tournament at Other World Games, which is someplace I've never been before.  This was not that great of a showing, going 0-3 with my battlewagon spam. I attribute a lot of my failures to the terrain and not being able to use my lootas pretty much at all.

I still had good opponents though, and the location was pretty convenient to get to so I might get out there more often. The highlight of the day was finding an Orcs & Goblins spell card set on the rack for retail, so I grabbed it not having to spend $20 on ebay.

Then Sunday was a 1250pt 4-round fantasy tournament.  Top prize was an actual sword!  This was the end of the escalation league I've been in since September and would help decide the winner.

My Orcs had a great showing going 2-1-1.  The first 2 games I totally tabled my opponent, first one was lizardmen and the second was demons.

The first game pretty much ended on turn one. He dispelled my vindictive glare at a salamader unit, thinking that bad moon wouldn't reach him if I got it off. Well I rolled 17" for the distance, devastating his main unit of skinks/kroxigors.  It killed 17 of them the first time, then he failed the panic test and fled through it again, killing a few more.  It did rally later but by then it was too late. My chariots killed off the skirmishers, shooting killed off the salamanders and by the time the kroxigors got to hit my big'uns it was too late.

Second game was called "master mage" where you got loremaster and added up to 3 ranks to your spellcasting. Combined with magic mushrooms my mage was simply unstoppable.  I chose the way overpowered lore of life as did my opponent.  I was able to pretty handily take him out in hand-to-hand once I got there, especially with T8 Orcs with a 4+ regen. Say it slowly..toughness eight orcs...

Third game against skaven. Never played skaven before.  Didn't go well at first for either of us. First shot from the doom diver wrecked itself, and casting bad moon I blew up my wizard and the archers fled as a result.  On his side he did 3 wounds to his own doom wheel after moving too far to do anything. A chariot impact hit finished off it's last wound.  However my bad moon never went away, and all the scatter dice fell in my favor. Bad moon and the mangler took a unit of 50 slaves down to 3 models, both hitting it at least twice.  The spiders finished off that unit with bows.

The best moment of that game was when I went to charge a unit of skaven. The slaves were dead, the other unit with grey seer was well out of position. So I tried to hit the other unit with my big'uns, a chariot and the spiders all at once.  Well the chariot blew it self up on terrain and the spiders rode the river off the table..and the big'uns got slaughtered!  Still ended in a tie however ..

Last game against Dark Elves.  Two units of corsairs with lots of shooting.  This was a brutal back and forth game.  He put a unit of scouts in a building, and my spiders were close and charged them first turn, eventually taking them out!  I actually got use their rule lol!  His hydra breathed 20 goblins off the table but they held. It was looking pretty good,  but I went for it all at the bottom of the last turn and grabbed defeat from the jaws of victory (or tie anyway).  My wizard blew himself up casting, and I charged in  just 7 corsairs with my last 7 biguns, lost 5 to stand and shoot, and then failed to kill them off, losing the whole unit of big'uns (and 302 points) in the process.  I would have been better off doing nothing, but as they say go big or go home! In this case I went home...lol.

That last move dropped me from 3rd to 4th place overall. Considering I wasn't expecting to win a single game, I was extremely happy with the outcome. Of course I have to give most of the credit to generally favorable dice rather then my own tactical genius..

I was really hoping for best painted but fell just short there as well, getting 2nd in 2 of the 3 painting categories.

I also ended up 2nd overall in the league. 

I now consider myself the Salieri of Warhammer fantasy...

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