Monday, December 5, 2011

I don't care how bad Finecast is..'s still a thousand times better then metal.

I've always hated metal minis.  They are hard to work with, hard to clean the mold lines especially where files don't fit, hard to keep the paint on during years of play and finally very hard to convert.

Finecast has none of these issues.  Especially the converting part. Sure, finecast has it's own issues, that's for sure. Mainly when it breaks on very fine details.

First it has to be said that the quality has really gone up. I picked up a finecast KFF mek this week only to have it nearly flawless, with 2 tiny bubbles in the whole thing (one of which I didn't even see at first).   I am putting the kff itself on a Black Reach Nob to be my PK Mek (vs a burna on the other one) and finecast really makes the conversion so easy.

The last 2 finecast models were equally well made, those being a Dante and a Black Orc Boss.

Remember it does not matter when you buy the model, but when it was made. Later castings are vastly improved.

So much GW hate on Youtube lately.  Maybe I'm just a fanboy and don't realize it, but I still love GW games, I still buy their stuff and still love going out and playing whenever possible.

Which brings me to skirmish games like Malifaux.  Sorry, not interested. I like putting 100+ models I've painted on the table. Playing a game with 5 models and no customization has zero interest to me. At that point might as well just play fucking Monopoly.

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