Wednesday, January 19, 2011

OK I Like the Stormraven

It seems I'm in the minority when it comes to the new stormraven..I actually like it. I'm getting 2 for sure.

GW even has a 360 degree flash for your viewing pleasure.

So if I get 2, what am I going to do with them? It would require playing my BA completely different then I do now, with low model count and would require much more precision then I like.

Here is the preliminary OFCC 2011 list I came up with. The only things I would have to do is the stormravens, get CC arms for my terminators, and make a terminator priest.

HQ (100): Librarian Shield, rage

Troop (235): 10 assault, 2x melta, fist
Troop (170): 5 assault, melta, meltabombs, Las-plas razorback
Troop (170): 5 assault, melta, meltabombs, Las-plas razorback
Troop (115): 5 death company, 1 power weapon
Troop (135): DC Dead, talons, Heavy flamer

Elite (160): 2 Priests 1 in terminator armor, 1 with jump pack
Elite (165): Furioso, talons, armor, grapple, heavy flamer
Elite (215): 5 Assault terminators 2x LC, 3x TH/SS

Heavy (200): Stormraven, MM, Lascannons
Heavy (200): Stormraven, MM, Lascannons
Heavy (135): Predator AC/LC

2000 exactly

My plan would be to set up a 3 prong attack. First is the long-range fire base with the predator and razorbacks, protected under the shield of sanguinius. Next prong is the jump pack assault squad, while not a true hammer unit can still dish out a lot of damage and take a fair amount with the priest. Last is the 2 stormravens filled will all kinds of goodness: 2 blood talon dreads and furious charging terminators! Wee!

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