Friday, January 14, 2011

Oh no not another learning experience

1750pts Orks vs MechDar

So I lost this game. I should not have. About the end of turn 4 I realized why I lost. I gave my opponent somewhere to hide, on the back side of the big ugly terrain piece. I should have sent my nob bikers up the side of the board instead of up the middle, and one of the units of boys. This would have forced his tanks into range of my lootas and tankbustas instead of being able to completely hide from my entire army.

I simply had not factored in the terrain in my plan. It should have been obvious the only place to hide was on that edge. I could have even put the lootas in the ruin instead of lobbas which would have been really fun.

So an important lesson learned. Look how the terrain effects how your opponent will play given what you know about their army.

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