Monday, April 18, 2016

Superfriends 4.0

Well the release of Angels of Death, and more specifically the psychic powers, has me reconsidering my list yet again.

Right now my list has a few decent threats, several fast units that can move around the table as needed. I do like how it plays even if it has not been all that successful so far.

My new idea is to instead concentrate on the Thunderwolf Star by adding a Librarious Conclave.  Sure there is invisibility but I'd rather get the +1T and/or the re-roll to saves.

This would also give me not 1 but 2 units of Wulfen in drop pods to provide additional threats.

So here is what I'm thinking about:

Great Wolf Detachment (Champions of Fenris)
HQ: Wolf Lord: Runic Armor, Fist, Wolf Claw, thunderwolf, Fellclaw's Teeth, 1x fenrisian wolf.
Dropping the SS for the extra off-handed weapon means more attacks, but taking more risks with only a 4++
HQ: Iron Priest: Thunderwolf, Cyberwolf

Elite: Wulfen. 3xTH/SS, 2x Frost Claw
Elite: Wulfen. 3xTH/SS, 2x Frost Claw
Wulfen are completely bad-ass, and having them right in your face in drop pods means you have some tough choices on shooting. Fast: Drop Pod
Fast: Drop Pod
Fast: 6x Thunderwolf Cav, 6x SS, 2x Fist
I have points for the 6th one now

Allied Detachment (Codex: Blood Angels)
HQ: Sanguinary Priest, Bike, Meltabombs

Troops: Tactical Squad, Combi-Melta, Heavy Flamer, Drop Pod

Librarious Conclave (Codex: Space Marines)
Chapter Tactics: White Scars
WS tactics restores the hit & run and skilled rider to the unit that I lose by taking out the Ravenwing.

 Librarian, Level 2, bike
 Librarian, Level 2, bike
 Librarian, Level 2, bike

This is a lot closer to the "netlists" out there, but you know people play those lists for a reason lol. That gives me a unit of 8 thunderwolves, 2 wolves for extra wounds and 4 bikes. Then both units of Wulen drop turn one so perhaps the death star may not take as much shooting .

Now I just need the cash...I would need a box of thunderwolves, wulfen, drop pod, iron priest, wolves, and a box of SM bikes.  Ouch.

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