Thursday, July 9, 2015

Showcase: Roadkill's General Mayhem in 1/25

So with just my 2nd non-Warhammer model in about 20 years or so, I've finished Roadkill's General Mayhem. I'm pretty darn happy with how it came out.

It's a Revel Master series 1/25 1968 Dodge Charger I bought at the Salvation Army for exactly $2.90.  For the price it was unbeatable no matter what I did with it.

Then came the ScaleModelAddict's 2015 Big Spring Contest, which I've entered before.  And on top of it, the theme for the contest is "dirty" so it was obvious to me to build my own General Mayhem.

The interior is missing so I modified or scratch built the panels to represent the sheet metal structure, loosely based off pics of the parts I found online. I might someday replace the grill if I can find something more suitable, but this one is scratch-built from .020 square strips.  It's hard to get pics of the interior.

So anyway, pics!

If your into cars at all and have not seen Roadkill, head on over to the Motor Trend youtube channel and check it out.

Next up is more Thunderwolves, I got another box and they are well under way. Then I will try to finish off my remaining unpainted Blood Angels models - 5 Sterrngaurd, 5 Death Company, 5 bikes and 2 drop pods.

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