Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Rebuilding an old scratch built battlewagon.

So this is the first battlewagon I built, shortly after the 4th ed codex came out and before the official GW model.

It's far too wide and too low compared to the stock model. Being too wide makes it hard to deploy and too low means I might get accused of "modelling for advantage". Since I'm a player first, I strive to build all my stuff in line with GW stuff for game purposes.

Last night I tore the entire model apart and started rebuilding it into more of a playable size.

So an xacto knife, a bit of CA and a few hours later:

 Other then a roll bar and a glyph from the trukk kit, it's entirely recycled from the original build.

I'm incredibly happy with it. It's the perfect size of just over 3" tall, just about 4" wide and about 8" long. I was thinking I would have to completely repaint it, but I might be able to get away with just touching it up, at least for now.

I didn't have much left over either!

So now I have 3 playable battlewagons to use for the Bully Boyz.  I plan on painting up a trukk in Bad Moonz to go along with the Meganobz next.

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