Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Portland Armies on Parade

Well last Saturday night was the Portland Games Workshop armies on parade. There were only 6 entries. I thought it would have been much bigger considering how loose the rules were.

I didn't place. I was very disappointed of course, but meh stuff happens.  At least the Seahawks won.

I finished the last 10 of my hand weapon/shield guys. Didn't bother to take pics, because it's nothing exciting. They look just like these 35:

Still having a horde of Orcs is pretty impressive looking, even if not that great. GW really needs to bring Orcs up to the level of Orks. They should have the same base stats and cost. 

Anyway, I'm almost done with Farsight.  Pretty simple paint job, for a pretty simple model.  I might do something else with the sword, not sure yet. If not, all that's left is the basing.

That's it for now!

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