Sunday, October 19, 2014

Next project done: Burnaboys for Toys for Tots.

I just finished my latest project, 6 burnaboys for the Freebootaz forum Toys for Tots charity drive.

I have a much more modest donation this year because this is all I have to donate. 

I did some things different and I really like how they came out. I used colors I've never used before - greens - and a skin I've never done.

I washed the entire model - skin and all - with Agrax Earthshade and then used the waywatcher green glaze over the skin. The resulting shadow is just fantasic. A layer of goblin green and a subtle highlight of scorpion green finish off the skin.

I also used astrogranite texture paint for the first time. It's pretty darn cool looking after a light grey drybrush.

anyway, pics!

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