Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Custom Ork Trukk #2 WiP

 With so much stuff I had to do now all done, I get to go back and work on stuff I want to work on.

Starting with my Trukks.  No sooner had I finished the Power Plant then I ripped open the next box and started building.

I have 4 Trukk kits, all will be custom and unique. This one I started out with cutting up the rear suspension and changing it over to a single rear axle (which also means I have an extra axle and wheels..hehe).  This meant making new leaf springs and drive shaft.

 I then went on to build the same Gorkamorka-style bed I used on the first one. I just really, really like it.  After that I built up front fenders and a partial hood

I'm also not putting on any of the roll bars or other armor plates, keeping a low overall profile.  I'm really liking how this is coming out so far, and really don't have much major construction to do, only details.  And I need to find the driver's head lol.

Anyway that's it for tonight.  This will be completed soon enough.

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