Saturday, October 26, 2013

Quick review: Imperial Defense Emplacement.

I volunteered to paint a pair of the Imperial Defense Emplacement kits for my FLGS. 

It's a simple kit in 8 parts that still has a lot of detail.

The downside, like all the Wall of Martyr kits, is the martyrs themselves. The bodies and gear scattered around the front. I covered all of that up with simple spackle, giving a good rocky look.

A quick and easy paintjob with lots of drybrushing, washes and sponges gives the kit a pretty good look.

It's the perfect size for GW infantry models, as shown with some firewarriors. Clear line of sight but still good cover.  The kit is modular, so you can arrange it in a variates of ways and of course, it's all compatible with all the other Wall of Martyrs kits.

Overall the kit looks great, is quick and easy to assemble and paint, and will work great in game for decent cover. Get enough Wall of Martyrs kits and you can even use as an aegis!

Clocking in at under $30, not a bad value overall.

Rating 4 out of 5 WAGGHHS!

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