Thursday, October 11, 2012

Quick 6th ed tactics notes.

A pickup game this weekend got me thinking about a couple things in 6th that can be really important.

The first is the warlord traits. I am still amazed at how actually random they really are. Sometimes they are totally useless, and others can single handedly break a game in your favor. Case in point was this game where I got the re-roll reserves trait.

What this allowed me to do is delay the dakkajet until the Icarus was dead, as well as delay the firewarriors so I didn't have to worry about them being shot up too early.  It was a big contributing factor to the outcome.

Being able to take advantage of night fight is also something to consider when building a list.  I love having NF first turn, as it gives me an improved cover save for that all-important first turn along with reducing the range of incoming fire.  I would prefer to go first every game, but that can't always happen.  Now I combine that with Blacksun filter on my broadside unit, I can take out a high-priority target without any negative effects.

Lastly, is just in general target priority. This takes really knowing your opponent's army so don't be afraid to read and learn about other armies.  In this case, the cover-ignoring 4 blast thunderfire was the highest priority, with the Icarus 2nd. so why did I shoot the LR first? Dunno. Because it was fun I guess.  However night fight reduced the range of the thunderfire so it wasn't a threat, and then the next turn I was able to open up with loota fire and take it out. 

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