Tuesday, March 6, 2012

When you throw a die across the room..

..you can pretty much give up any hope of winning a sportsmanship award lol.

Saturday the 3rd I played in a local tournament, The Guardian Cup 3, the largest one probably ever outside OFCC or 'ard boys in Portland, with 28 people packed into Guardian Games along side a pokemon tournament..

But I digress. It was not a good dice day for me at all.  It was 1750, I played my Ghazzy-foot list.

First game against Necrons, a different kind of build I had not really seen before. It was a great game really, very close all the way to the end, but I was rolling so far below average it wasn't funny. I think I rolled an equal number of 1's and everything else. Even at the end when I wanted to contest an objective just because, Ghazz and the komandos proceeded to roll a 1,2,1 for the move and a run of 1.  It was meaningless but still was quite upsetting.

Second game against a very elite dual-raven blood angels list.  Honestly, other then the talon furioso he didn't have much of an answer to my list. I did get what I needed the one shooting phase when I needed it, getting a very important immobilized on the furios which pretty much sealed the game.  Oh, and ghazzy squished Dante like the tiny 'umie he is...on turn 5 when he finally decided to show up.

Third game was the dice thrower.  I played a 40-man all jump infantry blood angels list.  I've played this list and guy several times, and wasn't too worried but I needed to play smart.  Well no matter how well you play it don't matter when you can't roll anything but 1's.  His one bad play was assaulting both my sluggas and shootas with an out-of-priest-range assault squad.  Despite over 100 attacks and 2 power fists, I could only kill 6 of the 10 guys.  Ya, figure out the odds on that one. Even if he had FNP I still should have wiped him out.  Even though he lost combat, he rolled a 1 and I ran him down, meaning I got stuck in combat!!!  That was the game changer right there, which allowed a major multi-assault between 3 assault squads and mephiston with priest support on my boys.  When ghazzy didn't show until turn 5..for the 2nd time..is when the die went flying.  If he had shown up at any time..ANY TIME..before turn 5 I probably could have turned it around.  But nope by turn 5 all my troops were dead.

Last game was so completely meaningless I didn't care.  I let my opponent, who wasn't a very experienced player, basically do whatever he wanted..go back a few steps and re-cast fortune, whatever.  Didn't matter.  Ghazzy had the common decency to at least show up on turn 2 this time, taking out a farseer, a unit of guardians and a fire prism.  I do think he learned thought that lootas are always the Eldar's first target..

Despite getting all bent out of shape, I like to think I wasn't mean or mad at anyone I played. Overall I did enjoy the day and the tournament was really well run. Maybe I had too high of expectations and desire to win.  Maybe I'm just an ass hole..

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