Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend of hobby ADD

Had a lot of time to work on stuff this weekend, and got a lot done.  Just not on any one project.

Finished the unit of 40 night goblin spear-men.  Started by re-doing the snow angel guy, recessing it into the base instead of sitting on top. Much, much better. The 2nd unit filler is a mushroom farmer.

Next I pretty much finished building the helicopter.  Bought some Testor's clear parts glue. Works great, but hard to work with. Need to either mask the windows or just brush it.  Has been very enjoyable to work on.

Lastly started in on my Cybork Mek.  I did some experimenting with the skin, because I want a pallid servitor-like color with a bit of green. Need some more experimenting..

So lots going on. Over the next week I'll be concentrating on the mek, and after that assembly of the Barracuda and Orcs & Goblins. I want to get the Orcs at least completely built asap.

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