Saturday, September 17, 2011

'ard boys is over..

..and I failed. 

First round I got a bye, but still played the ringer.  Fatecrusher Deamons. Ended up killing everything except fateweaver.  Over 2800 victory points.

Second round was whichhunters (not Sisters of battle) which started out really good, but after the first couple turns I simply could not kill the scoring units..he had 10 of them!  I did a LOT of wounds but he just made most of his armor and/or cover saves.  I couldn't push al'raheem's units to the center fast enough. Major loss.  Only 906 victory points, but only gave up 820.

Third round vs Dark Eldar.  Completely tabled, only giving up 790 victory points.

Ended up with 49 battle points, not even enough for top 6.

I didn't take much video, but what I did take I'll put up soon. Looks like youtube is being glitchy though.

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