Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Inner Circle - Dark Angels complete!

All 18 units are now done for my Inner Circle entry, with 2 weeks to finish the display board.  And that is coming along nicely! Shouldn't be a problem.

Next Saturday the store is holding the last event, a game where you bring what you have done. Sure it's only a week before the final contest, but whatever.   There is also a 40k GT at the same time!  But I need the precious, precious points..and can also save the money from the entry fee.  Anyway here is a list of the stuff in game terms:

Combined Arms - Dark Angels
HQ: Librarian, level 2
HQ: Company Master, Power Sword, Combi-Plasma

Troops: 5x Tacticals, melta, combi-melta, drop pod
Troops: 5x Tactical, missile launcher, razorback
Troops: 10x Tactical, grav cannon, grav gun, combi-grav, power sword, Vet Sgt, Rhino

Fast: Assault Squad x6, power fist, vet sgt, 2x flamer.

Elites: Deathwing Terminators, chainfist, assault cannon

Heavy: Devastators: 4x Lascannon

Ravenwing Strike Force
HQ: Samael
HQ: Interrogator Chaplain, bike

Black Knights x5
Black Knights x5
Ravenwing command squad, apothocary
Ravenwing bikes x3, power sword, vet sgt
Ravenwing bikes x3, 3x grav gun

That's 2417pts.  I leave off one of the assault guys for exactly 2400.

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