Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Showcase: Ork Promethium Relay Pipes

Sorry I only had 1 post in November.  For most of the month between recovering from hernia surgery and still getting use to my new diet, I didn't have much energy.

I did get a couple things done though. First was the promethium relay pipes. More of a "repaired" look then a real "looted" look, I went with lots of corrosion, pigments, etc.

Pretty happy with it, even if I don't have any plans to use it in a game.

I also modified one of my unused Nob bikers for use as a mek with KFF and Big Bosspole for the modified warbike-star.

Both the pole and KFF are magnetized.

so that's about it for now, I am really running low on things to work on so I'm not sure what's next.

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