Thursday, August 20, 2015

Making the Dante-Thunderwolf deathstar even better..

After the few games I played with my Thunderwolf/Dante deathstar I found several flaws, the most glaring of which is the lack of firepower..not everything can be killed in close combat.

I think I found the best solution..and it even makes the deathstar better!

Building for ITC rules, btw.

CAD: Blood Angels
HQ: Sanguinary Priest, bike, auspex, meltabombs
HQ: Librarian, Lvl2, bike

Troops: 5x Tactical, heavy flamer, combi-melta, drop pod
Troops: 5x Tactical, heavy flamer, combi-plasma, drop pod

LoW: Dante

Allied Detachment: Space Wolves
HQ: Wolf Guard Battle Leader, runic armor, thunderwolf,storm shield. fist

Troop: 5x Grey Hunters, melta, drop pod

Fast: 5x Thunderwolves, 5x Storm shields, 1x power fist

Ravenwing Strike Force (Dark Angels)
HQ: Sammael

Fast: 5x Black Knights
Fast: 5x Black Knights

1850 exactly.

I had to neuter  the infantry units to get it to fit, but really that does not hurt me that they aren't that good to start with.  The best part is the ObSec drop pods to sit on objectives.  I also had to drop the Wolf Lord to a WGBL.

But adding in the 10 Black Knights gives me a ton of plasma firepower, and they are just overall pretty darn awesome..with skilled rider and Ravenwing they can re-roll jink saves allowing them to stick around for quite a while.  Even in close combat they are not bad, with S5 rending hammers. 

Especially with the wolves coming right at you.

Sammael was almost an afterthought..but then I actually read his rules!  By adding him to the deathstar and making him warlord the whole unit is just that much more beastly.  First, he's fearless which is something the rest of the unit lacks.

Second, his warlord trait is rapid maneuvers.   That adds 3" to any run or charge move.  HOLY SHIT!!  That totally counters the loss of fleet by having a mixed unit and gives them an incredible threat range. To top it off he's EW for those S10 shots.

So now I think I'm off to ebay to pick up some Dark Vengeance bikes...

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