Monday, May 11, 2015

Showcase: House Hawkshroud Knight Titans

A big commission is now complete (but still one more to go) of a pair of Knight Titans done up in House Hawkshroud colors.

They turned out absolutely amazing and I'm so very happy.  Yellow was done the same way as always: base of Ushabi Bone with layers of Lamenter's Yellow glaze.  The glaze was thinned down and done in only 2 layers as the customer wanted a lighter yellow then the Imperial Fists bikes I did.

After all that was done then came the decals with lots of Micro-Sol.  However I have to say the decals with this kit are just fantastic.  Thick enough not to break but not so thick as to be hard to work with.  Almost no flash around the image as well making it very easy for the areas the decal touches the raised trim.

Anyway, pics!

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