Friday, January 10, 2014

More on the Ork Dakkajet hangar..doors and floor.

Quick update, but quite a bit of work. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what to do for a floor as I didn't just want a wood floor. I was looking at some patterned plasticard but at $11 for enough to do it, I couldn't justify it.

I wanted a concrete look, so I went with the next best option..plaster of paris. I did a poor just as if I was doing a real concrete floor. I made the plaster a bit wattery to make it easier to spread out, but that ended up causing the water damage to the sides. Which makes it look better, actually.  Lesson learned! Despite that, I *LOVE* how it came out.

Ya it's kinda boring in the pic, but AWESOME in person!

The other stumbling block was the front door. I was going over many ideas in my mind, and looking at pics of real doors online.  A lot of hangars have doors that slide open side-to-side, but that requires large brackets that sit outside the silhouette of the building, and thus would be highly impracticable for this terrain piece.

So after sitting for 4 days, I was driving around and the solution hit me..and after dropping everything and working on it last night the the result is absolutely perfect. A functional door that folds out of the way completely so I can still get the Dakkajet inside, yet does not leave the footprint of the base of the piece. And it looks awesome.

So now I'm really, really close to done. Just have to build the second door, finish off the ground work around the building, and seal up the edges of the foamcore.

More to come!!

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