Monday, June 24, 2013

Clan of Gork's Snowshoe: Savage Orcs complete!

It's easy to get things done when you get laid off.

I finished up my Savage Orcs and repaired my display board so I'm all ready for next weekend.

The idea behind the Savage Orc color is that they are a "hybrid" between the Icy Orcs and normal Orcs they have encountered and conquered. The blue-green algae is taking over the green algae quickly, but not quite yet.

Each model has individual warpaint, but trying to come up with 34 different ideas isn't easy.  I still like how they came out though.

The final color also pops really well against the white basing, which is what I was hoping from the start. I also added some tufts, man I love these things.

Enjoy the pics!

Trying to get some space wolves painted for the first time.We'll see how that goes..

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