Monday, December 3, 2012

Dropzone Commander!

First, the good news: I found a new place with just 3 days to spare!  Everything is moved in but still have a lot to do. I also went to storage tonight and grabbed most of my hobby stuff.

Bad news: well, there is no bad news! 

Best news: I was finally able to pick up some Dropzone Commander, specifically a PHR starter army to go along with the other 2 blisters I have

I have put together the first unit, magnets and all.  I found I need more magnets of the right size, and the models I have don't actually make a legal list...but that's easy to fix.

The walkers are magnetized to the connection points and the dropship is magnetized onto the flying stand.  The walkers would be awesome on 25mm bases but that would look silly dangling in the air..

Anyway I have a lot to comment on the models themselves, but will do that in an upcoming video.

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