Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Blood Axe Dakkajet work in progress.

With depression setting in from my impending homelessness, getting passion for the hobby has been hard.  But I made a commitment to continue the Freebootaz challenge for another month, and this time I picked my Dakkajet. Needs to be finished by midnight on the 15th..3 color minimum + based.

Blood Axe, of course.  I think this is the way my army will trend over time. Blood Axes are so under represented.

Anyway last night I build the base, pretty standard cracked desert.    Tonight I primed the base, and finished the airbrush work on the plane.

I absolutely love how it came out!

Colors used are Badger Model Flex Camouflage Grey base with Roof Brown and Earth used for the camo pattern. The bottom is Tamiya Acrylic aircraft grey.  I picked up the Tamiya paint a while ago and have been wanting to try it out. Pretty good stuff, it is. Will be used on the ME-262 if I ever finish it.

Oh, and it was all done with my $15 Harbor Freight airbrush.

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