Friday, February 3, 2012

Farsight bomb returns!

For some reason the store owner wanted to bump the league to 2500pts.  Just for fun, I decided to bring out my Tau army again.  Farsight, of course.

I finally got to play against the new necrons and oh boy what a great game.

here is the list I took:

HQ: Farsight HQ: Bodyguard (all have shield generators, HW target lock, HW drone controller. Suits with 2 systems have HW multi-trackers)
1: TL Plasma, 2x Shield Drone

2: TL Missile Pod, 2x gun drone

3: Plasma, Airburst, 2x gun drone

4: Plasma, fusion, 2x gun drone

5: Plasma, missile pod, 2x shield drone

6: TL Fusion, 2x shield drone

HQ:Shas'el: TL Missile pod, shield generator, HW target lock, HW drone controller, 2x shield drones

Troop: 6 Firewarriors, Shas'ui

Troop: 8 Firewarriors, Shas'ui

-Devilfish, Multi-tracker, disruption pod, flechette dischargers

Troop: 6 Firewarriors, Shas'ui
-Devilfish, Multi-tracker, disruption pod, flechette dischargers

Fast: 8 Pathfinders, Shas'ui

-Devilfish, Multi-tracker, Disruption pod, flechette dischargers

Fast: 2x Piranha,  2x Fusion, disruption pods

Elite: 2x XV8
1: Team leader, HW drone controller, HW mult-tracker, HW target lock, TL plasma, missile pod, 2x gun drone
2: TL Missile, flamer

Elite: 2x XV8
1. Team leader, TL Fusion, flamer
2. Target lock, TL fusion

Heavy: Hammerhead, railgun, multi-tracker, disruption pod, flechette discharger, SMS

Heavy: 3xXV88
3x A.S.S Team leader with HW drone controller, HW target lock, 2x shield drone, HW Blacksun

The Shas'el goes with the broadsides. I found this little gem on the 11th company, and love it. Not only does it give the unit 2 more shield drones, but also LD9. Plus he can still fire at a 3rd target.

Still not convinced on the piranha. I don't like them, and I remember why. They don't do anything. If I want sacrificial fusion guns I'll use XV8's. But so many points sucked into something that is only there for tricks?Does not seem worth it to me. I'd rather have a 2nd unit of pathfinders.

But here is where I went wrong. I was sure the wraiths had warschythes! I don't know where I got that idea, but that was my downfall. I poured all my fire into them, not wanting them to touch Farsight. But once I realized that there where no such item, it was too late. I can attest how they would have done when they were fighting my broadsides. I should have ran the wraiths over with the bodyguard and poured all my fire into the scarabs. I would not have killed them, but I would have greatly reduced the number (since every shot would have been a whole base) and that would have made the difference. Live and learn!

Not sure if I will stick with Tau for the whole month. I'd like to play my other armies at 2500 as well.

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